Swag Curtains Designs are Easy: You Can Make Your Own

Swag Curtains Designs are Easy: You Can Make Your Own

The swag curtains designs are the best way that you can use to add the country décor in the primitive or country home. The swag curtains are found in different country styles and primitive fabrics. The country primitive swags may coordinate with other matching valance in the home like in the kitchen, table linens and tiers accents. You can insert more valances between the swags. If you do not want to buy swag curtains or if you do not find what you are looking for, you can gain the satisfaction if you make the swag curtains on your own.

The best part of having to make your own swag curtains designs is that you will make the curtain that can suit the window shape as you want. If you use a shelf design, you will not be sure if you will not have to adjust it anymore. You have to start by creating the basic shape. You can use a piece of paper or a card and put it on the worktable. You can take a length of the curtain chain weight so that you can pin the width as it has been show. You should adjust the depth so that the only depth needed is of the swag.

Swag Curtains With Valance Best Ideas

If you have already the swag curtains designs, you have to use the piece of lining and to fold it within a half across for the width. You can use the iron to press it down. You can cut sides roughly from the shape according to what you want. You can pin the lining on the support and on the top of a paper. You should make fold marks on side and to another afterwards. You can adjust the folds so that they can stand straight with the first attempt and to see how the folds may look like. You have to be careful while adjusting the folds since some can be too fat, too low, too high or too thin.



of the Same Material as the Cushion

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