Smocked Burlap Curtains that enhance your dining room

Smocked Burlap Curtains that enhance your dining room

The smocked burlap curtains are thick and heavy with intricate smocking on them that enhances their own visual appeal as well as of the room they are in. They are ideal for dining rooms and the sort since the ambience as set for dining is best complemented by the structure, design and overall pattern of these curtains. These were widely available in retail stores but their retail ready-made availability may have declined over time and it may not be so easily available anywhere off late.

With that stated, these curtains can have a do-it-yourself customization to them. You could start by practicing smocking on normal workaday items for proper practise and then you could try smocking on curtains yourself. If you were to visit any retail store that deals with curtains or the sort, you would find smocking tape that you could use. So is the case with burlap; so, it should not be a particularly difficult assignment to practise and make a unique and wonderful product from a combination of your desired materials. The burlap curtains can also have the freedom of being patterned with any kind of design that suits your fancy, pretty much like what you can do with any sewed curtains. These hand-made sewed curtains could be designed with diamonds, or wrinkled patterns or any shapes or figures that you may so desire. You could also pleat them or wrinkle them intentionally to give your room a nice rugged look. The window can be embellished very well with these kinds of designs and the smocking customisation of the curtains gives it a nice enhanced allure.

Nifty Smocked Burlap Curtain

Although you may also consider the fact that you might have to set apart a little time to actually detail these curtains intricately, the result would be beneficially pleasant and could easily be duplicated once you are adept in these matters. There are a lot of resources that you could use to learn the skill from and the detailing of the curtains is also given in those resources. If you follow the specific measurements, instructions and illustrations as given in the resources, the smocking as well as the entire curtain could easily be produced. These burlap curtains are inherently heavy and the smocking that you will do on it will enhance both weight and allure. You will have to consider the curtain rods and the weight they will support in order to efficiently produce effective results from your sewing. The curtains, by themselves, look alluring enough; so there is no real need for extravagant valances or cornices of sorts.



Cream Colored Smocked Burlap Curtain

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