Silk curtains and drapes for an extravagant feel

Silk curtains and drapes for an extravagant feel

Among a myriad of choices of materials that are used for making curtains is a very important one that is also used tremendously in making as many products to wear from it as possible. The material is silk. It is used across many platforms and categories and is also used in various forms and sizes and colour combinations and the like. To look at, it seems very attractive and once you touch it, it feels very smooth and soft thus adding to its appeal. This is also a material that is exponentially used in making curtains and drapes of all kinds.

Silk curtains and drapes exude certain elegance and finesse which may not be the case across all kinds of curtains and drapes.  A window with a silk curtain contains a lot of grandeur and allure and it just shows that extravagant luxury feeling. There are various kinds of silk as well that are used in making various kinds of curtains. Some of them have a beautiful lustre and sheen to it, and on adding some colour and patterns, their attractiveness is enhanced even more in perfect harmony with the surrounding aspects. The luxurious and affluent feeling is not the only one that silk exudes; you could always use it to portray a warm and cosy feeling but this would predominantly depend on your colour combinations, designs and the like.

Korean style Silk curtain with drapes

Many of these silk curtains are hand weaved and with much effort. Among a host of various kinds of silks are some such as Dupioni, Taffetta, Ruched Thai and so on and so forth. Each of them can be pleated or modified into various patterns as you deem comfortable and fit to your house. There is also the branded Thai silk that can easily transcend into any environment and embellish it in its own way while there is also the plaid silk collection that is generally hand weaved and that drape perfectly to give it that cosy feeling. A lot of emphasis could also be placed on the header of the curtains where you could design various patterns and treatments to enhance the view of the curtain even more.



Sheen Silk curtain with drapes

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