Sewing Cafe Curtains

Sewing Cafe Curtains

Café curtains, much as the name already suggests, are curtains that were essentially used in cafes and coffee shops initially. The specific distinction that these curtains hold is the fact that they can be hung from a rod across the centre of the window. There may, however, be some designs that also have a small top header section called as a valance, with some gap between the two features. These are very stylish curtains that amplify the beauty of an otherwise plain window. They offer partial privacy when drawn since the top half of the window remains uncovered which, incidentally, is very helpful in bringing in a lot of sunlight into the premises.
Much like any curtain variety, this curtain can be closed or could be held open with tie-backs at the edges of the window. In addition to the privacy and sunlight aspects, these curtains sport an informal style and could have various possible variations in terms of materials for making that could range from sheer to opaque and their specific designs as well; there could be endless possibilities in terms of plain or straight edged curtains.

These curtains offer an elegant yet informal softness to a kitchen or a breakfast nook and are mostly used in such areas. They are so simple and efficient that anybody could make these using materials that are very easily available. They are also available ready-made at retail stores. However, the Do-It-Yourself implications such as sewing have a far greater effect, a personalised touch and a kind of affinity built to it. These could be devised in any whimsical styles that one may so desire and could be customised by you based on how their implications or usage is going to be; a normal casual style could sport an animal or a flower motif whereas a lacy dark velvet one could be used as a somewhat formal one as compared to the others.

Simple Burlap Café Curtains

Generally, these curtains are very easy to make but the instructions and measurements should be followed to the letter for beneficial and better results. The edges of these curtains could be modified to suit your liking. These curtains have various varieties with most that can be gathered at the top with the rest of the curtain or fabric hanging smoothly, whereas others might have their fabric pleated, which, however, is not a very widely followed practice in designing these curtains.



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