Purple Shower Curtain and Things to Consider While Buying it

Purple Shower Curtain and Things to Consider While Buying it

A purple shower curtain is going to be a prominent feature in your bathroom. If you want to buy a shower curtain, you have to invest into the curtain and look for the matching accessories afterwards such as towels and rugs. You may also consider the function of the shower curtain before you buy them. You can choose fabric or vinyl shower curtain. Vinyl is easy to be taken care of, they are not as expensive as fabric, they are practical and they can be just wiped clean. Fabric shower curtain makes the room to have a formal and luxurious look.

Before you buy the purple shower curtain, you have to be careful on how they have to be hung. Some require the use of tension – spring rod while others require a traverse rod. If you are going to buy a curtain with a tie backs on every side, you will need to buy a double or a traverse rod. A traverse rod let the shower curtain to stay stationery and it comes with separate hooks for the liner. This is better than putting all the curtains and the liner on just one set.

Purple Double Swag Shower Curtain Retro Style

While buying the purple shower curtain and you want them to match the design and the décor in your home, you should use a special traverse rod if you do not want that the shower hook shows. You can choose a neutral or plain hook for your curtain or you can choose designer hoods that can coordinate with other things in your bathroom. Durability of the curtain is also important. It is good to buy the curtain that can withstand wash and wear. The best materials should also withstand the moisture in the bathroom. Using a new curtain is the easy way that you can upgrade your bathroom and you can still get the shower curtain in the budget you have in mind. You can always choose to coordinate everything in purple shades or you can mix and match with other colors.



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