Paisley Curtains

Paisley Curtains

Paisley pattern and Paisley is the term used for the droplet shaped vegetables and it had the origins from the Parisian, it is common for paisley curtains. The design became too popular in 18th with 19th century. The American traditionalists call them Persian pickles or Welsh pears. The twisted teardrop which looks for the kidney shaped is from the Iran but the name given is of Scotland where the patterns were printed. This designing had been used for a long period since the dynasty of Sassanid.

The paisley curtains are popular because Paisley is known as the Summer of Love and it is identified by the psychedelic style. It is of the interest in the Indian culture and spirituality. The paisley painting was made popular by The Beatles in India by 1968 since they have stuck the paisley wallpaper in the guitar bodies. This pattern is more popular in the central and South Asian areas. It can be woven by using the silver or gold threads on the silk on quality textiles and gifts for special occasions or weddings. In Uzbekistan and Iran, the use is found on more than just the clothing it is also found on the garden landscaping, carpets, quilts, tablecloths, curtains, frescoes, jewelry and paintings.

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You can use the paisley curtains to give your bedroom, family room and living room a finished look. The curtains are elegant and functional and it protects the privacy while it reduces the sun glare at the same time adding texture and color in the room. You can find the curtains in different lengths and colors. While choosing the curtains you may choose the curtains with added features like the glare reduction, canvas in the weave type that are made in the cotton or polyester. If you have also to consider the cleaning option, plastic and vinyl may be cleaned while the curtains are still hung. However the curtains you choose should fit into the aesthetic level of the entire room.



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