If you go to the market to choose new curtains, you may go for plum curtains which will brighten up everything for you. You will find a wide range of the curtains that can fit into your décor and taste. The curtains can be energy efficient, microfiber, bright curtains and window curtain panel. If you add a new set of curtains in your home, you will change the look of your home completely. It is […]

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You can bring anything you like in your home to achieve the theme you want including the peach curtains. While choosing the curtains, remember that natural illumination is always the best when it comes to any house so you should get the sheer panels to use with your curtains in order to let enough light inside your home. Choose a good color palette. It is recommended to use simple colors and paint. You may go […]

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peach silk curtains

Brown curtains red flowers are among the simple additions made to a home which add so much to the overall beauty. These are among the best window treatments that you can ever find and awesomely complement your furniture while at the same time enhancing the interior décor of your home. In addition, they also have a great functionality role when it comes to ensuring that those intrusive eyes do not look into your home. Make […]

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brown and green curtains

If you are looking for the patterned curtains living room, you have to consider first the mood you want in the room. If you want, you can go for velvet or heavy silk if you want to have a formal look. They are also good insulator and they are dry cleaned only. Washable options are cotton sateen and silky rayon blend. If you want to achieve a casual feel, you should go to billowy linen […]

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grey patterned curtains

Paisley pattern and Paisley is the term used for the droplet shaped vegetables and it had the origins from the Parisian, it is common for paisley curtains. The design became too popular in 18th with 19th century. The American traditionalists call them Persian pickles or Welsh pears. The twisted teardrop which looks for the kidney shaped is from the Iran but the name given is of Scotland where the patterns were printed. This designing had […]

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turquoise paisley curtains