Nursery Curtains

Nursery Curtains

Preparing to become a parent is fun especially if it comes to decorate the nursery, this is why, while you are in the nursery, you have to be careful about nursery curtains you choose. Even if choosing the curtain seems like something simple, it is good to know what you are looking for. Many people decide to build the nursery based on a theme. If you have already a theme, you will have to choose the curtains that will complement it. At the beginning, many parents choose to go for dark colors and darkening blinds for the curtain since the child likes to sleep most of the time. Afterwards, they go for light colors like sky blue or lighter pinks as the baby grows.

You may also decide on the materials for the nursery curtains. The curtains can be made in the netted curtains, silk or cotton. The material thickness will depend on what you would like to achieve in the nursery. Thicker materials help to keep the wind out and to make the nursery warmer, but in warmer period, it is important to use light materials so that more sunlight and air can come in easily.

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At the birth, the length of the nursery curtains may not be an issue and you can go for floor length if you want to. However, when the baby starts to stand and if he wants to pull up himself, they may be risky since he may try to use them to stand up. The curtains and the hardware can fall on the child and this may lead to the injury. You have to make sure that the curtains are short and if possible, go for taut rectangle or box valance. You have also to consider the pattern. If you are planning to change the curtains of the nursery, you can start with infantile designs and change to more appropriate patterns as the child grows.



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