Funky Curtains Ideas

Funky Curtains Ideas

Funky curtain ideas are a fantastic option of window treatments available that can change how your room looks in a drastic way. The good thing about curtains is that they dress your windows up and besides, they also help a lot in shielding the room and you from sunlight while at the same time providing privacy. In case your home seems to be a little boring, you can improve its look through addition of some funky curtains that will bring out the best of your room.

One of the top funky curtain ideas that every homeowner should really know about is tie dye and this is a cost effective and quick option that every homeowner should know about. Finding tie dye sheets at stores can be a little hard but if you manage to find tie dye curtains, they are an excellent option for any retro room or a kid’s room. There are numerous ways of dying them even though using rubber bands, dye and sheet is the most common option. Another idea of funky curtains you should know about is the sari fabric and this allows you to add an incredible touch to your home.

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While you can purchase sari fabric curtains from the stores, you can also decide to make them all by yourself. The good thing about these funky curtain ideas is that they are available in many vibrant colors including orange, purple and red. Another idea that you might want to consider is the animal print and this is one of the most perfect additions for any home. Some of the top ideas that you should know for the animal prints are giraffe, tiger and zebra prints. The best ones to use are zebra prints and the colors are usually black and white. With these top ideas, you can be sure that you will give your home that much desired face lift.



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