Extra Long Shower Curtain Needs Extra Care

Extra Long Shower Curtain Needs Extra Care

You can still get the extra long shower curtain from different places even if the medium or short sizes are the most common curtains. You have to learn where to get long shower curtain and the most common places to look for it is from the internet. When you start to browse through the internet, you will be able to find the shower curtain in the length you are looking for. Even if long shower curtain may be appealing, it is important to take into account other décor in your bathroom.

It is good to consider the right liner with your extra long shower curtain. A liner is meant to protect the shower drape and it keeps the shower protected against water while washing yourself. If you are choosing a long shower curtain, you have also to consider a long shower liner. You can consider having durable polyester curtain because it does not fade and it is machine washable. All the shower curtains have to be treated against water and mildew. Some the treatments used are antibacterial, floral carbon and Teflon. However, this is not enough to keep the curtain clean, you have also to wash it on regular basis to keep it fresh and new.

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If you are buying extra long shower curtain, you will have to take care of it more often than short curtains. If a curtain has to be washed in the machine, the machine has to be in gentle mode. The fabric curtains can be soaked and washed by hands and it is then rinsed on regular basis. The curtain has to be allowed to dry and drip afterwards. You should resist from using tumble dry or iron on your curtain since it can damage water resistant treatment. Curtain in plastic and vinyl shower curtains require less maintenance since you only have to wipe it out. If you want to iron your curtains, use a low temperature iron only to help in getting a flat appearance and in removing the creases.



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