Eclipse Kids Curtains for Pretty Window Treatments

Eclipse Kids Curtains for Pretty Window Treatments

Kids’ spaces are always designed distinctively from the rest of the house. The décors of nurseries, toddlers’ rooms and that of adolescents’ spark up the atmosphere they enclose, and every element used sends off a vibe to the making. Wall paints and wall arts alone are not enough to conjure the cheeriness of a space. Curtains are a significant component of the decoration. You need to settle the theme first and the props next.

For instance, ‘randomness’ is a theme that requires wall arts that exhibit spontaneity throughout and matching drapes with a riot of patterns that are delightfully chaotic. Otherwise, for a luxury theme, you need pearl finish paint jobs for the walls paired with solid colored satin Eclipse kids curtains for the ritzy window treatment.

Eclipse curtains kids

Ideally, every room that has children occupants should have an easy feel about it.

Some Must-Check Styles of Eclipse Curtains Kids

The collection for children’s curtains is vast, mostly because of the gender and age specifics they meet. Curtains for boys, girls, newborns, toddlers, etc. make the diversity. Then there is the unisex range that goes for both boys and girls. Take a look at the bests the market has.

Plain Cotton Pencil Pleat Drapes

The cotton solid colored drapes are perhaps the oldest to exist in the market, and yet timeless in their appeal. Stitched with blackout linings, these curtains block out both light and sight when drawn together. So, if your child’s bed is aligned with the window, this will keep the sunlight out in the morning. It goes without saying that these drapes are available in a range of colors as navy blue, mid pink, red, periwinkle blue, bright red, dark lilac and more. They go with almost any bedding and wall color.

Eclipse curtains kids

Ditsy Patterned Vintage Curtains

This pencil pleat styled curtain is patterned throughout with light floral works that lend itself out to create a soft, and vintage impact. The prints are very dense and through that, the deeper background shade pronounces itself to create a cheerful and very feminine contrast. Though the pattern has a scatter finish, it does not underplay the delicate antiquity of the design.

Retro-Printed Floral Themed Curtains

This one has a very soft finish, especially because of the smooth fabric and soft base colors. Aside the smooth touch, the floral patterns have a very retro charm about them. These kids Eclipse curtains made from a combination of polyester and cotton can be laundered with regular clothes. They can be matched with deeper pink and beige shades of walls and enhanced further with floral beddings.

Appliqué and Sequin Princess Curtains

This is the prettiest of the patterns for sleeping beauties. Pick a soft shade like lavender or blossom pink with a broad lighter hem. The bottom of the curtains displays a single appliqué patchwork that has sequin details and complementing threadworks. This one is made from two pieces of cloths stitched together instead one-cut continuous length.

Curtains for Cupboards and Cubbies

Eclipse curtains for kids are also used to block out open shelves in children’s rooms from view. Whether it’s your kid’s toy menagerie or some whimsical craftwork, spare coat racks or useless play gears, you can stow them all away from eyes with these decorative shelf curtains. They can be tailored in the right measurements and simply hung off the section of cupboard you want to hide.

Try not to match them with the window draperies because they might give out the illusion of a small garden window. Nonetheless, match them with the storage cabinets and the walls to give the oddments a cute veil.

Drapes are a heady blend of cosmetics and functions. Pick wisely to enhance both when personalizing your children’s rooms.



5 Photos of the Eclipse Kids Curtains for Pretty Window Treatments

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