Deep Purple Curtains: Set The Individual Character Of Your Room

Deep Purple Curtains: Set The Individual Character Of Your Room

Purple color stimulates strong response, may be positive or negative.  It is the color of honor, royalty, courage, valor and wealth. Though it may prove a complete different choice for the décor of the room, the purple curtains will give a unique appearance to it. It may even add a sense of interest to anyone who visits the place, seeing something different, yet appealing. Though not traditionally used for decorating, the hues of purple can be used to reflect a sense of eclectic décor of the place. It can even be used in combinations in a study or a library to give an elegant look, or with some contrast shades and textures adhering to the color schemes of the place. You can even enhance the look by adding tie-backs or some accessories which complement to the look.

The purple curtains go perfectly well with the formal living rooms with a classical décor theme. The window with shades of purple, with drapes can become the focal point of the room. This theme can also be used as shower curtains in the bathroom to make it distinctive in its own style. When used in kitchens, the purple shades of curtain bring a cheery feel, making it a place of enjoyment for socializing and cooking. You can even add some tie-ups or decorative pieces that match the theme. Also, the purple curtains will add a feeling of freshness, filling the space with fresh air and light. Being dark in color they will be easy to maintain and clean with the kitchen ensemble, as well. When used with kids’ room, the deep purple curtains will provide an imaginative look, making it look all the more creative and unique. It will always keep them in a happy mood, blending very well with their personality.

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Shades of purple even advocate femininity and when used with all the different complementary shades, any girls’ room would reflect a complete character in its own individual manner. Having light colored walls and theme would blend completely well with deep purple curtains, complemented with various bedding and accessories of distinct patterns. For big sized windows, this color theme would reflect a cover of privacy and even help filter light in correct amount. This color gives you the complete freedom to experiment with the various shades, patterns and textures for the room to bring about its individual character and set the mood of the room.



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