Creative and Imaginative Curtains for Kids

Creative and Imaginative Curtains for Kids

The decoration of a child’s room can be fun and exciting. After months of planning and preparing, when you see the final execution of the imagination that you have nourished and cherished for so long, it brings in a rush of ecstasy like never before. Adorning your kid’s room with the right kind of curtain for kids is a primary requirement as these are also a part of the kid’s inception of the fantasy world that you have so carefully reflected in the overall appearance of the room.

Kids derive a sense of energy and vitality from bright and vibrant colors with which they can afford to let their imagination take outrageous strolls. With the growing demand of custom made drapes and curtains, the curtain manufacturer companies are also being experimental with the designs and fabrics of kids curtains. As a result, there is a plethora of options available to choose for your kids window curtains. The selection of the right pair depends primarily on the fabric and material as curtains with comparatively heavier weaving featuring a black outline prevent the sunshine from entering the room, ensuring adequate darkness for a sound sleep.

Kids Playroom Curtains

The latest trends in window curtains for kids

Blinds and drapes with stripes:

Irrespective of the theme and design of the room, it can always boast of a sunny side up with the classic striped pattern. Striped curtain is one classic design that comes both in light as well as in vibrant colors. Apart from the jailhouse stripes, what can be more modern and contemporary are blinds featuring block patterns only on the top and bottom of it. Moreover, kids’ fascination for blocks and patterns can never be denied.


If you are still undecided about the theme of your kids’ room, valances can be the obvious escape route for you, obvious in a presentable manner. Valances are something that you can implement creatively both in boy’s as well as in a girl’s room. A valance of galvanized steel material can be an ideal option for a boy’s room oozing with a vibrant orange whereas one crashed into flowers featuring a block color, preferably pink, yellow or any other light color can transform a girl’s room into a fantasy world.

Cartoon printed drapes:

A boy’s room can ideally be designed with the themes of cars and animals whereas a girl’s room is the fantasy world with fairies and princesses all around. These themed and printed curtains when draped as your kids playroom curtains, it can trigger the imagination of your child filling them with unfathomable ecstasy. The patterns on the drapes have been implemented keeping the comfort of the kids in mind. Other kids sports curtains feature the themes of marine life, animals and jungle, alphabets with funny and distorted fonts and fairies, helping your kid take his first step towards learning.

Kids Sports Curtains

Drapes with roman shades:

If you are striving to give that old vintage touch with a hint of sophistication in curtains for kids, roman shades can be the quintessential option for you. Whether you want fresh floral design for your little princess or solid block colors for the wild boy, roman shades will always provide with that kinky fun look allowing adequate sunshine into the room.

Once you are done selecting the design and pattern of your kids curtain, you can further enhance it by adding attractive and lucrative accessories. Hanging ribbons from the curtain rods have been a popular option with kids. However, you can leave the rest of the adornments up to your child to do.



5 Photos of the Creative and Imaginative Curtains for Kids

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