Burlap Valance that gives your room an extra allure

Burlap Valance that gives your room an extra allure

Valances can be considered an integral part of the entire décor that the curtains entail. They give a sturdy accent to the curtains in addition the enhanced allure that they bring about. A well produced valance substantially complements the structure and design of the curtains as well as the window treatment. It gives a nice portrayal of grandeur and finesse to the entire window treatment and the accent on the curtain beautifies the curtain in and of itself.

There are a lot of products and materials that are available ready-made in retail stores and the like but they are not tailored to suit your needs and fancy. They may be tailored according to the generic window sizes and treatments, but your window style might just be different from the others. It cannot be definitively said whether or not the ready-made options can easily be imbibed into your premises. The best bet during such a situation is to do-it-yourself. There are a host of materials that you could use, especially those that are inexpensive since the cost of the materials is not the deciding factor in terms of their allure and appeal. You could uniquely and creatively use burlap to devise tons of interesting and alluring ideas for valances. The use of burlap for valances would warrant a little weight in itself, but it does however do away with the existential need for curtain rods. You could customise the layout of the valance according to the layout of the window so you would be very happy with the result. You could have fringed or trimmed edges or you could scallop the valances to suit the overall design of your kitchen. You could pretty much do anything with the kind of do-it-yourself fancy that you have the freedom to practise.

Bow Tie Stylish Burlap Valance Curtain

The seamed and frayed edges, if you were to choose them, could cover the edges of the window to give it an even better feel and look. You could use thumbtacks and fold the valance from outside to hide the thumbtacks appropriately. You could also use a twine to keep the valance at bay and also give it a little curvy look that goes in synchronisation with the layout of your window. The twine could be designed to be removed so the valance could be extended down to make an even larger appeal



Elegant Burlap Valance

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