White burlap curtains that give your home a mellow feeling

As an integral part of the décor of any premises, curtains make a lasting impression and are essential in various aspects that may be considered important. Any house or any area for that matter […]

Fashionable White Burlap CurtainStylish White Burlap CurtainWhite Burlap Curtain HomemadeWhite Burlap Curtain For Bedroom
White Burlap Door Curtain

Red Burlap Curtains To Suit Your Style

Curtains are one element which can either complete the interior theme or destroy it entirely. Therefore, you should always be careful while choosing its type, color, texture and fabric, as it will affect the […]

Pretty Red Burlap CurtainBedroom burlap Red curtainDecorative Red Burlap CurtainSheen Red Burlap Curtain
Sheen Red Burlap Curtain

Burlap and lace curtains that you could design yourself

There are a lot of combinations and variations in the many and varied amount of materials that are used for making curtains, where each of the combinations of the materials and their variations is […]

Burlap Curtain with fasionable laceGorgeous Burlap curtain and LaceBeautiful lace on burlap curtainWhite And Brown Burlap Curtain
Indoor Burlap curtain with lace

Smocked Burlap Curtains that enhance your dining room

The smocked burlap curtains are thick and heavy with intricate smocking on them that enhances their own visual appeal as well as of the room they are in. They are ideal for dining rooms […]

Regular Smocked Burlap CurtainDecorative Smocked Burlap CurtainTidy Smocked Burlap CurtainNifty Smocked Burlap Curtain
Bow Designed Smocked Burlap Curtain

Ruffle Burlap Curtains to give your room a soothing feeling

Burlap is a tremendously used material when it comes to making curtains. It can be used to make detailed valances as well and can be personalised to the way you like it. You could […]

Flower Designed Ruffle Burlap CurtainSheen Ruffle Burlap CurtainWonderful Ruffle Burlap CurtainPolished White Ruffle Burlap Curtain
Flower Designed Ruffle Burlap Curtain