Burlap and lace curtains that you could design yourself

Burlap and lace curtains that you could design yourself

There are a lot of combinations and variations in the many and varied amount of materials that are used for making curtains, where each of the combinations of the materials and their variations is unique in its own way. Among these multitude of choices for materials that you could use, one of the prominent combinations is the burlap and lace which could be used to make a lot of home décor items but they are most prominently and profusely used in the making of curtains because of the mellow effect they have on their surrounding and the premises as a whole.

Burlap is widely known to give a rustic yet soothing feeling to the window treatment. Depending on the style and structure of your window, you would want to decide on how to add lace to your burlap curtains. You have the options of fringing the lace against the edges of the entire curtains thus giving it a runny carpet feeling or you could also use the lace at the end of the curtain. Burlap is fairly easy to make yourself and there are many do-it-yourself projects that are available through resources that you can learn from and utilise properly if you follow the specific set of instructions and illustrations properly, alongwith all the measurements as provided in them. You could add a lot of embellishments to that and lace is a very desirable material among many others. You could buy these from a retail store as well but if you’re creative and want to make something unique for your premises, you always have the option of subscribing to a DIY project. You could devise a number of designs on the lacy part that you add to your burlap and you could incorporate some designs in the burlap itself to complement the designs in both your premises as well as the lacy part.

Burlap curtain with white lace design

An elegant pattern on the burlap and the lace gives a very soothing and relaxing feeling and it also gives your window that little extra glow that it may not have had otherwise. The colour combinations could range from anything but you should ensure they are in perfect harmony with the surroundings of the window and the designs should run parallel as well.



Gorgeous Burlap curtain and Lace

10 Photos of the Burlap and lace curtains that you could design yourself

Beautiful lace on burlap curtainBurlap curtain with white lace designWhite And Brown Burlap CurtainDesigned Lace on Burlap curtainRegular Burlap Curtain With White LaceFantastic Burlap CurtainIndoor Burlap curtain with laceNice looking lace on burlap curtainBurlap Curtain with fasionable laceGorgeous Burlap curtain and Lace